Direct Mail is: Targeted: It allows you to focus on your specific audience, directing your campaign to the market you want you want to reach.
Personal: Direct Mail can address customers by name. You can craft messages that are tailored for them, addressing their needs and appealing to their interest.
Flexible: Direct Mail can be sent in a variety of formats, including letters, postcards, or brochures. You can be creative with colors and graphics and even offer a free sample of your product.
Tangible: Customers can hold your mail piece, referring to your message as often as needed. Coupons or samples included in your mail piece help encourage customer interaction. Measurable: The results of your Direct Mail campaign can be tracked by counting the responses or inquiries it generates. You'll know what worked and adjust your plans accordingly.
Cost Effective: A Direct Mail campaign makes your advertising dollars go further because your targeted message goes directly to the people you want to reach. How To Increase Response Rates: Make it difficult for them to say no by doing one or more of the following: - Use a targerted mailing list - Include a free sample in your offer
- Send a follow-up mail piece
- Create a sense of urgency in your office, such as a time-sensitive bonus
- Provide a free delivery of your product
- Include a coupon
- Offer an extended service guarantee
- Send Reply Mail, using pre-addressed cards and envelopes

Direct marketing is an excellent way to get your message to your target market. We offer a complete range of services from designing the mailpiece, to printing it, to mailing it. And we also offer mailing lists based on targeted demographics. In addition to saving postage, you will save yourself the time and hassle and get the materials out to your prospects or customers in the shortest time possible.


We print a variety of products that are used for direct mail. We stock a large variety of envelope sizes and colors. We print postcards, flyers, letters, self-mailers, business reply cards, or anything else that you need to put into the mail. We complete the project by either using your mailing list or procuring a mailing list using your specifications and addressing the printed pieces plus applying barcodes and sorting for maximum postal discounts.


We are experts in the Every Door Direct MailĀ® from the U.S. Postal ServiceĀ® (EDDM), which is designed to help you reach every home, every address, every time. We offer Three levels of service for EDDM mailing -


1. Print only.  We print, and you prepare and mail locally. You simply need to count and bundle the mailpieces by carrier route and drop them off at the destination Post Office.


2. Print and prepare for mailing.  We print and bundle the mailers by carrier route ready for you to mail at your local Post Office.


3. We do it all. We print your mailpieces, count and bundle them by carrier route and then mail them for you at the local Post Office.


Before deciding on a direct mailing program, please contact us to discuss your goals and budget as there are advantages and disadvantages to using EDDM for your direct mailing. Although there are distinct advantages such as no list required to deliver to every mailbox in the target routes, the postage ($0.16 per piece) may actually be more than a saturation mailing.  And EDDM requires the mailpiece to be a "flat" size so you may be paying for a larger piece than you really need.  Finally, your message or offer may not be intended for all mailboxes in a route, so it may well be more cost-effective to do a targeted mailing to a specific set of recipients.


Click on this link to get more information about the EDDM program and get started by identifying your target population for mailing -


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