We offer CD/DVD duplication and replication.  We are also providers of USB flash drives with your logo imprinted as well as your information saved.


CD or DVD Duplication is the process of making digital copies of your master onto recordable media. We start by checking your master for errors and then we proceed to make exactly as many copies as you need. The copies are identical to your master in terms of data and content.


Once the discs are recorded and tested, we then apply your artwork to the disc. There are several printing methods used including inkjet, thermal and photo thermal.


Once the discs are printed, we can then package them in a variety of options, or deliver them back to you on a spindle (also known as bulk packaging).


Duplication is best when you only need a few discs (less than 1000) or when you need the discs quickly.


Our duplicated CDs and DVDs have excellent compatibility with players and drives in use.




CD or DVD Replication is the process by which CDs and DVDs are manufactured with the data on them. The discs have all of your information “pressed” into them during the molding process, and are just like the discs used for Hollywood studio movies and major record label albums.


After the discs are “stamped,” they are then printed using either Silk Screening or Offset printing.


Silk screening is best for solid colors and graphics, and is the preferred method to use if you need to match a Pantone Matching System color value.


Offset is more like photo printing, and is excellent for images with fine detail and complex pictures.


Replication is less expensive than duplication for quantities larger than 1000, but takes more time to complete (7-10 business days).


USB Flash Drives are becoming extremely popular - USB drives – AKA Thumb Drives, Flash Drives, or Memory Sticks are the most popular way to store and share digital content.USB drives are perfect for pictures, videos, music, catalogs, PDFs and other content. If you can put it on a computer, you can put it on a USB drive. Perfect for putting your promotions and brand info into the palms of your customers’ hands!




Go Green!  Consider USB Flash Drives instead of printed manuals or bulky CD/DVD's and save money as well as the environment. We offer USB flash drives in all shapes and sizes at very cost effective prices.

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